Care Plans and Reports that Convert!
  • ​​Learn NOT to SELL
  • ​No High Pressure Sales Strategies
  • ​ROF  Language for all Ages
  • ​ROFs made SIMPLE
  • ​Actually Care Plans that convert!
  • ​Scan Interpretation made simple
  • ​Get referrals during your ROF's
  • No "praying" patients convert
  • ​Secrete to Effective and Simple Communication
  • ​No more ROF UNcertainty for you and your Patient! 
  • ​Confused Patient do NOT Convert
  • ​This masterclass is for those who want to gain Clarity, Confidence, and Certainty with their ROF's and Care Plans!!
Watch your Family Practice explode with conversion, compliance, and Referrals!!
Online Report of Findings & Care Strategies the Work! 

Online Family Practice Business Confidence!!

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Learn the Secrets to hyper-succesful pediatric and family practice! 
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Here is what we have learned throughout our experience in Chiropractic 
New graduates and veteran chiropractors absolutely want to see families and children. They have every intention to build a family practice, but once they start getting newborns, children, and pregnant moms in their door that little voice starts going off inside their head. With a lack of confidence, uncertainty and not being clear on care plans; doubt creeps in. Paralysis by over analysis and over explanation shows up. 
We talk too much, we confuse the parent, and they do not commit or follow through with care. 
You know it's right and that chiropractic always works! 
Then why do they not stay or commit to the health of their families?
Our solution for you is the PRIME PEDIATRIC PROGRAM and Masterclass's!! 
You can learn from your desk or cell phone. You do not have to travel or give-up PRECIOUS TIME from your family on weekends! These are ONLINE Masterclass's and Modules designed to teach you the ins and outs of million dollar Family and Pediatric Practices. There are no sales tricks or selling scripts. 

We give you the Clarity, Certainty, and CONFIDENCE that your families seek!
We make pediatric and pregnancy care simple to articulate and give you the skillset to succeed.
You know as well as we do that when we keep chiropractic simple it works every time!! 
ALLOW US to teach you the Skills Set, Examination Protocols, Technique, and Communication Skills that actually convert and do not confuse!!
We are the Prime Pediatric Program and We are here to help!  

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need to travel? Absolutely not, this program is 100% App Based and Online.

Do I have access to Dr. Skip or Dr. Kristina? Yes! If you purchase the entire program you will have full access to Dr. Skip via our private Facebook page.

Is there online support? Yes, there is online support with our private Facebook page and online access to Dr. Skip.

Do the Doctors hold any certifications in Pediatrics? Yes! Dr. Skip Wyss has his CACCP and Dr. Kirstina has her FACCP.

How Quickly will the doctors respond to questions in the online forum? Dr. Skip or Dr Kristina try to be very prompt in their responses as well as the other doctors in the group. All question will be answered within a maximum of 12 hrs.

How long will I have access to the module/masterclass's? You will have access for 1 year. Following the year, there will be a small reoccurring monthly fee of $15 / month for online access, membership to our exclusive Facebook group and access to the doctors. 

Will the Dr's give practice advice? Yes! They will within the limitation of the questions being asked and will always tell you what has worked for them in practice. 

Are both Doctors still in active practice? Yes! Both Doctors actively see children and their families 3+ days/week.
Dr. Skip’s healing hands, warm heart, and deep concern for his patients make him the most sought after chiropractor in the Green Bay community, where he has been practicing with his wife since 2008. 

Their two amazing kids, Peyton and Breckin, are living life interference-free! Dr. Skip is an active member of his community, and holds advanced certification in pediatric and prenatal care from the ICPA and is certified in the Webster technique. 

He includes cranial, extremity adjusting, and neurosensory integration as part of his chiropractic care. Dr. Skip is board-certified in nutrition. He’s an author and internationally recognized speaker on pregnancy and pediatrics.
Dr. Kristina Stitcher is a sought after speaker, educator and consultant for family wellness practices.
After graduating from Parker University, Kristina founded Family First Chiropractic & Wellness Center in Salt Lake City, Utah in 2004. This office has become a leading family wellness practice and specializes in pregnancy and pediatric care.
Family First Chiropractic is a mentor practice, which encourages doctors to develop clinical excellence in a principled setting. Dr. Stitcher returned to Parker University as a full time faculty member in 2014 and taught there for one year.
Kristina served on the Utah Chiropractic Physician’s Association board for nine years, including 3 as president and is now on the Licensing Board for the State of Utah
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