Prime Pediatric Program 
with Drs. Skip Wyss
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Prime Pediatric Program
with Drs. Skip Wyss & Kristina Stitcher
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Get Clarity, Achieve Freedom, and Become Extraordinary when caring for Children! 
The Prime Pediatric Program provides an implementable system of trainings to guide Doctors to confidence!
Take a look at what you get: 
  • Prime Pediatric Program (Guidance with Dr. Skip Wyss & Dr. Kristina Stitcher)
  Pediatric Examination Tutorials
  Childhood and Adolescent Examination Tutorials 
  Pregnancy Care Masterclass
  ROF and Care Plans that Convert Masterclass
  Million Dollar Pediatric Practice Secrets Modules
  Pediatric and Childhood X-Ray Tutorials
  Newborn and Pediatric Technique Mastery
  • Prime Pediatric Program App (Everything at your fingertips)
  • Prime Pediatric Clinic Forms
PEDIATRIC CERTAINTY at your fingertips
'Laptop Lifestyle All Access' provides 
logical and implementable roadmap of monthly online trainings 
to guide Doctors step by step to online success and freedom!
LGet Clarity, Achieve Freedom, and Become Extraordinary when caring for Children! Prime Pediatrics Program provides an
 implementable system of trainings to guide Doctors to confidence!
Take a look at what you get: 
  • Prime Pediatric Program (Access & Guidance with Dr. Skip Wyss)
  7 Online Masterclass Series, 
      see website for full details
  Prime Pediatric Program App
      Everything at your fingertips
  Prime Pediatric Clinic Forms
  Private Facebook Coaching Group
Newborn and Infant Examination Tutorials
Theme: Exam CLARITY & Confidence

Enter the Prime Pediatric Newborn and Infant Exam Tutorial to set an unshakable foundation giving you the Clarity and Confidence you need to take care of tons of newborns.
This Module will walk you step by step though:
    ● Real life Dr, parent, and kiddo exam Interactions 
    ● Gain pediatric congruency within your practice
    ● Gain vital pediatric principles to grow
    ● Step by Step Neurological Examination Tutorials
     Primitive Reflex Detection and Re-expression
    Understand what separates you from everyone else
Childhood and Teenage Exam Tutorials
Theme: Exam Confidence & Clarity

Enter the Prime Pediatric's Childhood and Teenage Exam Tutorial to set a solid foundation giving you the Certainty and Confidence needed to take care of the children and teens in your community
This Module will walk you step by step through:
    ● Actual Real-life practice examinations 
    ● Clearly Communicate the Exam and Findings
    ● Gain vital pediatric principles
    ● Real Life Dr, parent, and kiddo Exam Interactions 
    ● Primitive reflex detection and reintegration
    Understanding Scoliosis and its Clinical Impact
Pediatric Technique Masterclass

Enter the Prime Pediatric's Pediatric Technique Masterclass and gain an unshakable confidence in your adjusting skill set and gain the tools you need to adjust any baby!
The Pediatric Technique Masterclass Module will:
    ● Teach you Infant Toggle Headrest adjusting
    ● Understanding Logan Basic
    ● Breakdown safe and effective adjusting protocols
    ● Cranial Adjusting Tutorial 
    ● Safe and Effective Upper Cervical Analysis
    Understand what separates you from everyone else
Pregnancy Masterclass

Theme: All things Pregnancy 
The Pregnancy Masterclass teaches patient care efficiency with the pregnant population; have more freedom in your practice, by making a high-volume practice feel like lower volume! 
    ● Bullet Proof Pregnancy Strategies / Webster’s Technique
    ● Examination procedures 
    ● 3P's of Pregnancy for simple communication 
    ● Tonal Pregnancy Analysis
    Advanced Pregnancy Analysis
     Become the Birth Communities Go to Chiropractor!
Million Dollar Pediatric Practice Secrets

 Enter Primes Million Dollar Pediatric Practice Secrets from actual million dollar practices. Learn were they get their Confidence, Clarity, and Certainty!
    ● Creating the Perfect Family Environment 
    ● Understanding Family Care Plans
    ● REASONS as to WHY you are giving care recommendations
    ● Creating Raving Fans / Ritz Carlton Experience
     Building an Online Pediatric Presence
    Lease and Building Negotiations
Pediatric and Adolescent X-ray Mastery


Gain more perspective and clarity to the reasons why you are making your care recommendations.
X-Rays are indisputable objective data from long term compensation due to Subluxation. 
    Actual real life X-ray positioning
    ● Clear, Concise, and Safe x-ray procedures
    ● 6 Year Old Positioning
     9 Year old Positioning 
    Be the Beacon of Hope for every family in your community
    Create a community of health for your patients
ROF & Care Plans that CONVERT


Gain more freedom by taking care of more kids than you ever imagined with more confidence than ever before!
    ● Clear and Simple Reports supported by your findings 
    ● Become Confident in your care recommendations
    ● Understand how Insight Scan Data Correlates to your Exams
     Gain freedom from constantly trying to "Sell" your patients
    Be the Beacon of Hope for every family in your community
     Give your patients the clarity and hope they deserve
Become more efficient with children and make more money! 
 Become the most trusted Pediatric Chiropractor in your community. 
Dr. Skip Wyss
Prime Pediatric Coach
Dr. Skip’s healing hands, warm heart, and deep concern for his patients make him the most sought after chiropractor in the Green Bay community, where he has been practicing with his wife since 2008. 

Their two amazing kids, Peyton and Breckin, are living life interference-free! Dr. Skip is an active member of his community, and holds advanced certification in pediatric and prenatal care from the ICPA and is certified in the Webster technique. 

He includes cranial, extremity adjusting, and neurosensory integration as part of his chiropractic care. Dr. Skip is board-certified in nutrition. He’s an author and internationally recognized speaker on pregnancy and pediatrics.
Dr. Kristina Stitcher
Affliate Presenter
Dr. Kristina Stitcher is a sought after speaker, educator and consultant for family wellness practices. 

After graduating from Parker University, Kristina founded Family First Chiropractic & Wellness Center in Salt Lake City, Utah in 2004. This office has become a leading family wellness practice and specializes in pregnancy and pediatric care. 

Family First Chiropractic is a mentor practice, which encourages doctors to develop clinical excellence in a principled setting. Dr. Stitcher returned to Parker University as a full time faculty member in 2014 and taught there for one year. 

Kristina served on the Utah Chiropractic Physician’s Association board for nine years, including 3 as president and is now on the Licensing Board for the State of Utah
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